City-County Information Technology Commission

How are we funded?

CCITC is funded predominantly from operating funds provided from our Commission members. The Commission includes Marathon County, North Central Health Care and the City of Wausau. This funds about 80% of our total cost of operations. The operating income is used to pay the salaries and benefits for 22 employees and cover our other operating costs which include costs such as insurance, office rent, hardware and software maintenance, etc..

The other 20% of our funding comes from the PC/Network Support Fees & Phone Support Fees. These fees are allocated to cover the personnel costs of our seven PC/Network Staff that provide most of the first-level responses. This team answers your Helpdesk questions, repairs and installs PC equipment, printers, video systems, and implements telephone changes, etc. This chargeback methodology is designed so that departments with a large amount of devices (PCs, laptops, printers, tablets, etc.) have more skin in the game than departments with less endpoint devices.

CCITC provides the following services:

  • Installation, management & support of our high availability network (Wireless & Wired) that connects all offices together (Wide Area Network).
  • Maintenance and support for Internet access over our existing dedicated fiber optic ISP connection.  All public facing connections, including the Internet are protected by state of the art firewall equipment.
  • Secure, remote 24X7 access to our systems via VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • Trained Helpdesk staff ready to accept any kind of IT question.  (Average call is answered in 14 seconds).  PC techs support your devices in your office.
  • 24X7 On-call network and device support for critical systems.
  • Analyst support for department specific applications.  We support over 450 applications (Technical Support, Upgrades, Replacement Selection).
  • Vendor management for all technology vendors (including writing RFPs and managing contracts).
  • Each department has a relationship manager assigned who provides technology consulting and can make recommendations on how to use technology to solve problems and create efficiencies.
  • Each specialty application has an “expert” assigned and a backup.  These Analysts manage the applications for technical support, upgrades, and vendor management. They are your support.
  • Installation, management and support of Microsoft network server infrastructure (215 servers).
  • Installation, management and support of departmental file and print servers (15 servers).
  • Installation, management and support of a sophisticated enterprise grade web filtering system, WebSense with redundant servers.  This system blocks access to specific categories of websites and can provide reports for management.
  • Installation, management and support of the Exchange Email System which includes redundant email servers and mail store servers.  We provide remote access through a Web interface, aka Outlook Web Access.  Mobile access to mail via tablets and Smartphones is also provided.
  • Installation, management and support of Ironport.  This enables CCIT to provide email security systems including SPAM filtering, email-based anti-virus and Email encryption.
  • Management and support of a compliance based Email archiving system for users to do their own archiving research. These archives are also used to satisfy open records requests.
  • Installation, management and support of the Trend Micro anti-virus system.
  • Disaster recovery services including backup strategies for data recovery as well as redundant hardware systems.
  • New PC configuration and installation (1800 desktops/laptops supported).
  • Network engineering to design and maintain high availability Local Area Networking (Switches, power systems and cabling within each building) with WIFI coverage in many locations.
  • Onsite and remote technical support of PC’s, printers, and other peripheral devices (1800+).
  • Installation, management and support for mobile access devices including laptops, tablets and smartphones (350+).
  • Ongoing patch management which includes regular distribution of critical security updates to both desktop and server Windows operating systems.
  • Installation, management and support for video conferencing (12 systems).
  • User ID, password, security, system and file permissions management.